Fortnite Week 14 XP Coin Locations (Season 5)

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Here’s where you can find all of the Fortnite week 14 xp coin locations for Fortnite chapter 2 season 5.

As with every week in Fortnite, we have a brand new set of Fortnite challenges. Throughout the season, players have been able to earn 20,000 XP per completed challenge. However, the week 14 Fortnite challenges will provide players with 40,000 XP per completed challenge to help players level up their Battle Pass before the season ends in 12 days time.

This weeks challenges require players to find cookbooks, earn gold to hire a character, harvest fruits and vegetables along with a few other challenges. If you need help completing the week 14 challenges, we’ve released some guides to help you out. Head over to the home page in order to check out our guides.

harvest fruits Fortntie challenge

We also have new Fortnite XP coins for week 14. We’ll have another bunch of xp coins for next week before the season ends.

Fortnite Week 14 XP Coins

As usual, there are a total of seven new Fortnite XP Coins for week 15 of chapter 2 season 5. Here’s the breakdown of XP you’ll get from collecting the different colored xp coins:

  • Green: 5,000 XP
  • Blue: 6,500 XP
  • Purple: 10,300 XP
  • Gold: 15,000 XP

As usual, the blue xp coins this season are found in water. In previous seasons, players needed to break objects in order to collect blue xp coins. This week, the blue coins are separated across the edges of the map. Most of the green xp coins are on the west side of the map with only one on the east side.

The gold xp coin for Fortnite week 14 can be found west of the Zero Point in the desert biome. Thanks to Twitter data-miner and leaker VastBlastt, we have a map with the locations of the all the week 14 xp coins marked on the map which we’ve included below.

Fortnite Week 14 XP Coins Map
Fortnite Week 14 XP Coins Map

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