Fortnite Event Time: What Time is the Galactus Live Fortnite event

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Here’s when the Fortnite time is for the Galactus live event as well as everything else you need to know.

It’s finally come. Today, the Fortnite Galactus live event will take place after more than 14 weeks of Fortnite season 4. We knew we would be getting a large live Fortnite event as soon as the season 4 cinematic trailer dropped.

Since the beginning of the season, we’ve seen Epic Games add in several small Marvel-themed landmark locations as well as the huge Stark Industries location which includes Upstate New York.

Fortnite Stark Industries Location

According to the Epic Games worldwide creative director, Donald Mustard, Galactus has been making his way to the Fortnite map for over a year and he’s finally arrived. After the v14.60 update, players could see Galactus emerging from the water as well as the Battle Pass challenge table.

Once the countdown ends, the event will begin. However, in the blog post announcing the live event, Epic Games urged players to log in to Fortnite an hour before the event starts in order to ensure they can view the Galactus Fortnite live event.

The playlist for the event will go live thirty minutes before the event begins, but the issues players have had for previous events is being unable to log in to Fortnite. There are a number of players from past events that have also had issues getting into a lobby when they’ve already logged in, but hopefully those issues will be fixed for today.

Fortnite Servers Down

When is the Fortnite Galactus Live Event Time? What Time Does It Start?

The Fortnite Galactus live event will start at 4 PM ET today, December 1st. That’s 9 PM for the UK and 10 PM for the large majority of countries in Europe. We’ll have a dedicated article with a countdown timer and timezone converter just in-case, but you can go by the time on the countdown timer in-game.

Fortnite Event Leaks

I’ve personally seen some leaks for today’s Galactus live Fortnite event, but there’s no confirmation whether they’re true or not. Either way, we wouldn’t share the leaks as I feel when it comes to event leaks, it ruins the entire experience knowing what will happen during the event and the aftermath post event.

The only leak that is well known is the fact that there should be downtime similar to the black hole event, but it won’t last anywhere near as long with Fortnite season 5 officially launching tomorrow along with the Fortnite Crew monthly subscription.

Be sure to turn on website notifications or check back before, during, and after the event. We’ll be working hard to get a full video and summary of the Fortnite event out as soon as possible.

We’ll also be posting an article including a countdown timer and a timezone converter just for those that can’t log in to the game to see when the event begins. We’ll also cover any server issues which will likely happen due to the sheer number of players looking to experience the biggest event in Fortnite history.

Hopefully you all managed to get into a server and witness the event!

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