Fortnite Black Panther Wakanda Forever Challenges Leaked, Amazing Forever Emote Reward

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It’s happening. We’ll be getting Fortnite Black Panther challenges called Wakanda forever.

Epic Games decided to make the entire of Fortnite chapter 2 season 4 Marvel-themed. The Battle Pass was completely Marvel-themed, Epic managed to add the Marvel superheroes into the Fortnite story line, we had Marvel bosses and locations.

We also had the Marvel LTMs and the Marvel Knockout Series cup. Players could win Marvel skins that would later be available to purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop. These skins included Black Venow, a different Black Widow Skin, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider.

There were rumors that we could be getting a Black Panther Fortnite skin, but plans likely changed due to the sad new of Chadwick Boseman passing away. However, although there’s not likely to be a Black Panther Fortnite skin, we’ll be getting a Wakanda Forever challenges.

It looks like once thes’e Wakanda Forever Fortnite challenges have been completed, we’ll be getting a free emote. This isn’t confirmed but that’s what it looks like from today’s leaks. Players will also get 10,000 season 5 xp for each challenge that has been completed.

Fortnite Wakanda Forever Challenges

Here are all of the Black Panther Wakanda Forever challenges leaked from today’s v15.10 Fortnite update:

  • Visit different snowmando outposts
  • Deal damage with Lever Action Rifle
  • Play matches
  • Complete all Black Panther Quests
  • Outlast Opponents
  • Play Duo of Squad matches.

It looks like once you complete all of the Black Panther Fortnite challenges/quests, players will receive the Black Panther emote below.

Amazing Forever Fortnite Emote

This is a clear tribute to Chadwick Boseman. The Black Panther emote will be called Amazing Forever. Again, we can’t see a source for the emote, but it’s more than likely going to be free once all the quests have been completed. Here’s a look at the emote:

Amazing Forever Fortnite Emote
Amazing Forever Fortnite Emote

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