Are Apex Servers Down? Season 9: Legacy Issues

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Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy is finally here, but servers have crashed due to high demand. 

The amount of effort the Respawn team put into the lore of Apex Legends and the quality of the trailers and the Outland Stories really gets players invested into the whole game. Season 9: Legacy launched today and with every new season brings a new Legend to the Apex Games.

This season introduces a new character, Kairi Imahara known as Valkyrie, who is the daughter of Apex Predator Viper, which links the Titan Falls world to Apex. Valkyrie can use her VTOL Jets as her passive, which has limited fuel but can help you to get the high ground and better positioning when fighting enemies. She has a Missile Swarm for her tactical, which fires a swarm of mini-rockets to damage and disorient the enemy and a Skyward dive as her ultimate, which helps your teammates to get away at a long distance when needed. She is called as a Recon, so she can use the Survey Beacons around the map to scan the next ring’s location.

Apex Legends Valkryie
Apex Legends Valkyrie

Apex Servers Down

As always, with the start of a new season, there are many players logging in to play the new legend and to try out the new 3v3 mode added this season. Unfortunately, this has led to many of the servers to become overloaded and crashing. Respawn were aware of the servers being down and had tweeted, We’re working through some service issues in Apex at the moment due to high demand. We’re on top of it and will get players into games as quickly as we can!”

How to make Apex work

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do when the severs are down, but as Respawn are working on the fix and have managed to get more servers online since they were aware of the issues, there should be a complete fix soon. For now, you can keep trying to get in. Some players have been able to get in, but they are not able to buy the Battle Pass or access Legends at the home screen, so cannot unlock Valkyrie as yet.

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