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Venom Fortnite Cup Tournament: What time is the Venom Cup, how many points to get the skin, 2FA

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Venom Fortnite Cup as part of the Marvel Super Series Tournament.

We’re onto the fourth and final Marvel Fortnite cup before the super cup finals. We’ve had the Daredevil, Ghost Rider, and Black Widow cups, and today is the Venom Fortnite cup which was teased a couple of days ago.

Fortnite Daredevil Skin
Fortnite Daredevil Skin

The Venom tournament will be played in duos like the Black Widow cup last week, but there are more prizes up for grabs this time around. Here’s everything you need to know before the tournament begins.

What time is the Venom Cup?

Unlike the previous three Marvel cups, the Venom cup has two rounds/sessions. Epic didn’t provide any information regarding when they’ll start of each region like did for the Black Widow cup. It looks like the first round of the EU Venom Cup is over, but there’s one more round still to go. Here’s all the times for each region.

  • EU & UK: Session 2 4pm – 7 pm GMT (UK) 5pm – 8 pm European time.
  • NA East: 1pm – 4pm EST, round 2, 5pm – 8 pm EST.
  • NA West: 4pm EST – 7pm EST, round 2, 8pm – 11pm EST.

Scoring system

The scoring system is the same for this cup as it has been for the previous cups. Here’s the breakdown:

Venom Cup Scoring
Venom Cup Scoring

How many points and how to get the Venom Skin

There’s no set amount of points you need to get the Venom skin. You’ll need to place in the top 50-350 in round 1 depending on your region with a greater chance to win a skin and cosmetics in the second session.

You’ll also have the chance to not only win the Venom skin, but the pickaxe, emote and back bling too.

Here’s the breakdown:

Good luck to everyone competing. In my opinion, this the best Marvel skin that’s been available for free to top scoring players in the cup.

Do I need 2FA?

In order to participate in the venom cup, you will need 2FA enabled. Here’s how to enable it if you’re not sure how.

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Fortnite Week 13 Challenges XP Xtravaganza Week 3 Leaked- Week 13 XP Coins

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Here are all of the Week 13 Fortnite Challenges that have been leaked, also called the Week 3 XP Xtravaganza Challenges.

Every week in Fortnite, there are new challenges released for players to complete. For the first 10 weeks of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4, there were a total of seven challenges to complete, six of which were normal solo challenges and one team challenge. The team challenges would award player with 50,000 XP and the normal challenges 25,000 XP upon completion.

Most seasons of Fortnite are ten weeks long, but Epic did announce early on that this season would be longer than usual and instead of leaving players with no challenge sto complete, they have introduced XP Xtravaganza challenges. There are two weeks of these challenges that have already been released and there will be another one released tomorrow (Thursday 18th November).

She-Hulk Fortnite foil skin styles
She-Hulk Fortnite foil skin styles

Fortnite Week 13 Challenges Leaked

Here are the challenges that you will be able to complete tomorrow for the Week 3 XP Xtravaganza Challenges:

  • Deal damage with SMGs (1,000/2,500/5,000)
  • Eliminate Stark Robots, Gatherers, or Gorgers (10/25/50)
  • Search Chests (10)
  • Search Ammo Boxes (10)
  • Search Supply Drops (10)
  • Collect Wood, Stone, or Metal (1,000/1,500/2,000)
  • Dance on all five colored bridges in a single match (1)
  • Eliminate opponents (20)

The challenges that have three numbers in brackets shows there are different stages for players to complete. Completing each stage will award players with more XP to help you to progress in this seasons Battle Pass. Remember, the cosmetics awarded in the seasons Battle Pass will not be available after the season ends so be sure to unlock them all to avoid disappointment.

The majority of these challenges are actually quite easy and straightforward to complete, so it shouldn’t take you too much time to get more XP.

Fortnite Week 13 XP Coins

For the first ten weeks of Fortnite Season 4, new XP were added to the map for players to get each week, however no new ones have been added after week 10.

week 10 xp coins Fortnite
week 10 xp coins Fortnite

Be sure to turn website notifications on for all the latest Fortnite news and let us know in the comments section below if you need these challenges to progress in the Battle Pass or if you already have the variants you want for the Battle Pass Skins already.

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Fortnite Venom skin, Symbiote Slasher Pickaxe, We Are Venom Emote & Tendril Tote Back Bling Leaked

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All the Venom Fortnite cosmetics have now been leaked by data-miners including the pickaxe, emote, and back bling.

Epic Games teased the Venom skin a few days ago on social media which confirmed the next Marvel cup would be for Venom. On the same day, the skin was leaked by data-miners, and a day later, Epic Games confirmed the Venom cup along with an image of the skin and pickaxe.

In the previous Marvel cups, players have only been able to earn the skin and back bling if they place in prize places. However, for the Venom cup, players can earn the entire set and they have a better chance of winning.

There’s two sessions instead of the one session players have had in the other three cups. The first session is much harder to get the skin due to how high you’ll need to rank, but the second session has the same requirements as the previous cups in terms of what position you need to finish.

In today’s v14.60 update, data-miners have leaked all the cosmetics in the Venom set. You can can a look at the pickaxe, built-in-emote, and back bling below.

Symbiote Slasher Venom Pickaxe

“Gooey, but sharp”. This pickaxe is only available to wield if you’re using the Venom skin, it won’t work on any other skin.

Tendril Tote Back Bling

“Don’t forget the buddy system”.

We Are Venom Emote

The We Are Venom emote is built into the skin. Here’s a look at the emote in action:

There’s no information as to when the Venom Fortnite set will be available to purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop. If we had to guess, we expect it to be available either on Saturday or Sunday.

For those participating in the Venom Cup today, good luck!

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Free Fortnite Rainbow Fog Wrap: How to link houseparty and Epic Games account to get the free wrap

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Epic Games are giving another free Fortnite wrap, the Rainbow Fog Wrap. Here’s how to get the wrap for free for the Fortnite x Houseparty collaboration.

Epic have provided players with a vast number of free cosmetics over the years. We’ve even had free Fortnite skins provided during the Winterfest Christmas event last year with players being able to get the Lt. Evergreen and Wooly Warrior skin simply by opening presents in the Winterfest hut.

Fortnite Woolly Mammoth Skin
Fortnite Woolly Mammoth Skin

Epic have also provided free cosmetics during collaborations including the Star Wars and Marvel collaborations. We’ve also seen free cosmetics provided by attending the Party Royale events.

Most recently, we saw a free wrap available during the Fortnitemares event with players having to collect codes from featured creative maps. Once all codes were gathered, they could input the code on the Epic Games website in order to claim Wrath’s Wrath Wrap for free.

Fortnite Wrath's Wrath Wrap
Fortnite Wrath’s Wrath Wrap

Epic announced that players can video chat whilst playing Fortnite by using the Houseparty app. With the announcement, Epic also announced that they’ll be providing the Rainbow Fog Wrap for free.

How to link Houseparty app and Epic Games Account

In order to get the free Fortnite Rainbow Fog Wrap, players will need to install the Houseparty app that’s available on both Android and iOS devices. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to link your Houseparty and Epic Games accounts.

Rainbow Fog Wrap
Rainbow Fog Wrap

For those of you wondering how to link the houseparty app with your Epic Games account, As of writing (November 18th 1:20 PM GMT), it looks like the feature isn’t available. However, when it is available, you should be able to do it through the app, or by doing it through the Epic Games website here.

There’s also a way you can get the Rainbow Fog wrap without having to link your accounts. Players will need to play five matches of Fortnite with friends between November 20th and November 26th. You’ll then receive the wrap by December 4th, 2020.

We’ll keep you updated when we know when you’re actually able to link your Houseparty app and Epic Games account. It’s likely it won’t go live until November 20th, but there’s been no announcement regarding when you can link the app and account. Be sure to check back or turn on website notifications as we’ll push out a notification as soon as you can link your Houseparty app account and Epic Games account.

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All New Fortnite Leaked Skins & Cosmetics Found in v14.60

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Here are all of the cosmetics found and leaked by dataminers in the v14.60 Fortnite update that is now available to download.

Epic Games have been updating Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 on a bi-weekly basis and these updates include map changes, challenges, upcoming items/weapons and upcoming cosmetics. These cosmetics include Skins, Back Bling, Glider, Pickaxe, Wraps and Emotes.

The majority of the cosmetics that have been released this season in Fortnite Battle Royale have been of Marvel rarity, due to the storyline of this season, with the Fortnite and Marvel worlds colliding. We already knew the Venom Skin would be added to the game as Epic had announced the last cup of the Marvel tournament.

Fortnite v14.60 Leaked Skins

The v14.60 Fortnite update is now available to download, which means dataminers can access the files and leak upcoming cosmetics. Here are all of the Skins found in this update:

Fortnite v14.60 Leaked Cosmetics

Here are all of cosmetics that have been found in the Fortnite files:

There are some files that have been added in this update that are encrypted and so dataminers are not able to access these files. The v14.60 update did not bring many cosmetics, however there are a few bundles that have been added, all of which can be seen below:

Some of these bundles do include Skins that have already been released, but again these bundles have been leaked by dataminers, but changes can be made by Epic before they are officially released in the shop.

Time is running out for this season, so be sure to finish all you challenges to progress in the seasons Battle Pass so you don;t miss out on any of the rewards. The Battle Pass cosmetics will not be available after the season if you have not been awarded them.

We will of course be keeping you updated with all the latest Fortnite news, so be sure to turn website notifications on so you don’t miss a thing!

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