When will the Neymar JR Fortnite skin be available? Release Date Announced

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We officially know the exact date Neymar JR will be available in Fortnite.

It’s been six weeks since the launch of Fortnite chapter 2 season 6 and we’re still waiting on the release of the Neymar JR skin. Neymar JR is the “secret skin” for the season 6 Battle Pass, which players knew about as soon as the Battle Pass dropped.

The Fortnite x Neymar JR collaboration was teased before the release of Fortnite season 6 and players knew Neymar JR would be in the Battle Pass. In the Battle Pass tab, you can head over to the Neymar JR section where you’ll be able to see his skin and other challenges.

Neymar JR Fortnite Rewards
Neymar JR Fortnite Rewards

From the secret tab that’ll have the Neymar skin, you can see that there will be a total of six different rewards, but we don’t know exactly what they are yet. We’d assume there will be a back bling, pickaxe, and a wrap.

We already knew when the skin would be made available as there’s a countdown timer on the left hand side of the Neymar tab. However, Epic Games have just put out a teaser video on social media confirming when the skin will officially be available in Fortnite.

Fortnite x Neymar
Fortnite x Neymar

When is the Neymar JR skin coming to Fortnite?

The Neymar JR Fortnite skin will be available on Tuesday, April 27th. Judging by the use of the a wolf in all the Neymar teasers, we’re going to assume there will be an additional wolf skin style that will likely be unlockable by completing certain challenges.

Here’s a look at the new Fortnite x Neymar JR teaser trailer if you’ve not seen it on social media already:

Let us know in the comments section below if you’re excited about the release of the Neymar Fortnite skin.

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