New Fortnite Update: v15.20 time, server downtime status, leaks & more

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The next new Fortnite update, v15.20, has just been announced.

The last major Fortnite update was on December 15th, 2020. That means we’ve almost gone a month without any new content in Fortnite Battle Royale with Epic Games employees returning from their holiday break last week.

The last Fortnite update introduced the Christmas Fortnite event for 2020 which went live three days after the update. The Operation Snowdown event ended last week on January 5th, and players have patiently been waiting for the next update.

The new Fortnite update, v15.20, has just been announced with the time it’ll go live, a few days after the version was added to the staging servers. Here’s what we know about tomorrow’s update.

Fortnite Update Status – Time and Server Downtime

Epic Games announced that today’s Fortnite update will go live today, January 13th. The Fortnite servers will go down for maintenance at 4 AM ET (9 AM UTC/10 AM CET). The Fortnite servers will likely be down for at least an hour and a half and we’ll keep you updated with the server status.

Fortnite Update Today v15.20
Fortnite Update Today v15.20

Run Gun New Fortnite Weapon?

In the tweet announcing the new Fortnite update on the Fortnite status Twitter account, they mention “battle up close and personal”. Based off this, I’d assume Epic Games will be adding in a new Fortnite weapon, possibly the Run Gun that was leaked by popular data-miner hypex.

The Run Gun is an exotic weapon that allows players to run quicker when the gun is equipped. Here’s the gun in action:

There’s also a chance there’ll be a new shotgun being added to the game but it seems unlikely as data-miners almost always leak any files regarding an upcoming weapon. As soon as the patch notes are released, we’ll post them as usual. An email usually goes out to everyone in the support-a-creator program a few hours before the servers go down for the update.

Fortnite Leaks

As with all major Fortnite updates, expect data-miners to leak all of the new files that are added in v15.20. Fortnite skins, upcoming weapons, and more will be leaked from the update. We’ll be covering all the Fortnite leaks from v15.20 as and when they’re posted online.

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