New Fortnite The Spire Quests / Challenges Now Available

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We have a number of brand new Fortnite The Spire challenges / quests to complete from today’s new v16.20 update.

When Fortnite chapter 2 season 6 launched, players could see that Epic Games planned on adding a new set of challenges called The Spire challenges. They weren’t available in the first two weeks of the season, however, with the release of the v16.10 update, players could unlock and complete The Spire challenges.

The first set of The Spire quests required players to don disguises, collect a cult talisman, finding a thief, and more. There were a couple of issues with some of the challenges which meant some players weren’t able to complete their first set of The Spire Fortnite quests straight away.

cult talisman Fortnite
cult talisman Fortnite

Epic did however, release a patch update that fixed the issue that prevented players from completing these challenges. A new update was released today, v16.20. The update included a few more Spire quests for players to complete. The challenges were leaked during server downtime today and are currently available to complete in-game.

Bunker Jonesy Fortnite
Bunker Jonesy Fortnite

As players assumed when they first saw the Spire quests, it looks like Epic are trying to continue with the storyline. Four of the new Spire quests are for Jonesy. One requires players to talk to the different Jonesy characters found around the map whilst the three others require players to find, duel and return to Jonesy the FIrst.

Here’s the new Fortnite Spire quest challenges:

If you need help completing any of the new quests, feel free to click on the highlighted challenges above to view a guide on how to complete them.

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