Free Fortnite Christmas Skin: How to Unlock/Get Snowmando Operation Snowdown Skin

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Players can now get/unlock the free operation Snowdown Fortnite skin called ‘Snowmando’.

It’s been a week since Epic Games release the Fortnite Operation Snowdown Christmas event. On the first day, Epic Games released two challenges for players to complete and there’s been one new challenge unlocking each day.

Each challenge provides players with 10,000 season 5 XP along with a cosmetic reward including back blings, loading screens, emotes, and more. These challenges are straightforward to complete for the most part, but if you’re lagging behind on any of the challenges, here’s a few guides that might help you:

A new challenge has been released and players can now unlock the free Fortnite Snowmando skin.

Free Fortnite Snowmando Operation Snowdown Skin

If you’re wondering how to get the Snowmando Fortnite Christmas skin, all you need to do is complete all of the current available Operation Snowdown challenges. As of December 25th, there’s nine challenges to complete.

These challenges shouldn’t take you longer than half an hour to complete, and we’ve provided links to the challenges which may require a guide including all of the Snowmando outposts, the Stormwing plane spawn locations, the locations of all the holiday trees, and where to destroy nutcracker statues.

If you’re not aware, there’s another free Fortnite Christmas skin available to unlock in three days time. The second and final skin that’s available for free during the Christmas Fortnite event is Frost Squad. It was leaked in the v15.00 update and Epic have decided to choose that skin as the freebie. Here’s a look at the skin:

If there are any other challenges for Operation Snowdown that requires a guide, we’ll be sure to post it out before the challenge goes live. You’ll have until January 5th to complete all the Christmas challenges, but all the cosmetics will be available by the 28th December.

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