Fortnite Snowmando Outposts Locations: Where to Find Snowmando Outposts in Fortnite

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Here is where you can find and find and visit all different Snowmando outposts in Fortnite.

Epic Games released the v15.10 Fortnite update three days ago. The servers were only down for an hour and the update added a brand new Fortnite weapon in the form of the lever Action Rifle.

Once the servers were back up after scheduled maintenance, players were unhappy that the Fortnite Winterfest Christmas event wasn’t in the game. Epic announced through an email to everyone in the support-a-creator program that this years Christmas Fortnite event would be called Operation Snowdown.

Players can still get free rewards through challenges including two exclusive free Fortnite skins, Snowmando and Frost Squad. There’ll also be other cosmetic rewards available along with brand new LTMs and fan favourite LTMs returning.

We’ll also be getting Black Panther Wakanda Forever Fortnite challenges. These challenges will provide players with a Black Panther Fortnite emote called Wakanda Forever. We don’t know if there will be a Black Panther skin, but it seems unlikely.

Amazing Forever Fortnite Emote
Amazing Forever Fortnite Emote

One of the Operation Snowdown Fortnite challenges/quests requires players to visit different Snowmando Outposts. Here are the locations of where you can find and visit different Snowmando Outposts in Fortnite.

All Snowmando Outposts Locations Fortnite

If you’re wondering where to visit different Snowmando Outposts, you probably have no idea where the Snowmando Outposts locations are on the map. It seems as though they haven’t been added in the game just yet, so no one is able to complete the challenge.

Be sure to check back every few minutes as we’ll be checking every minute to see when the outposts are added to the game. We’ll have a full guide shortly.

UPDATE: We have found one south of Holly Hedges! Map location coming shortly! It looks like these can only be seen in Team Rumble from what I’ve gathered. There’s one south of Holly Hedges by the Durrr Burger restaurant as seen below. NOTE: If you can’t see them there’s either a glitch or the spawns change.

Snowmando outposts Fortnite locations
Snowmando outposts Fortnite locations

Update 2: There’s one west of Pleasant Park as shown below

Here’s where you can find all the Fortnite Snowmando Locations on the Map (we’ll update if we find any more):

All Snowmando Outposts Locations Fortnite Map
All Snowmando Outposts Locations Fortnite Map

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