Fortnite Ruckus Location: Where To Find & Defeat Ruckus

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Here’s the location of where to find Ruckus in Fortnite season 5 in order to defeat him for one of the Beskar challenges.

Similar to what we saw with awakening challenges last season, players need to complete Beskar challenges in order to unlock different armor parts for the Mandalorian skin in Fortnite season 5.

These challenges are unlocked by leveling up. Each time you unlock a new Battle Pass skin, you’ll also unlock another Beskar Fortnite challenge to complete. There’s a total of eight Beskar challenges to complete including finding Beskar Steel in two different locations, completing a legendary quest, finding the Razor Crest, and more.

One of the challenges requires players to defeat Ruckus. Here’s a quick guide to help you complete the challenge.

Where is Ruckus in Fortnite (location)?

Ruckus isn’t your standard NPC in Fortnite season 5. He’s similar to the Mandalorian as he’s a boss. If you come across him, you’ll notice you can interact with him and are unable to buy a weapon, upgrades, intel, or get a bounty from him. As soon as he sees you, he’ll start attacking you.

The Ruckus Fortnite boss can be found west of Hyrdo 16. Here’s the exact location of where you can find and defeat Ruckus:

Ruckus Fortnite Location
Ruckus Fortnite Location

You should find him at the bottom of the building marked above. Be sure to grab yourself loot before you engage in a battle with the Ruckus Fortnite boss. He carries an AR, so he can deal a fair amount of damage quickly.

However, the biggest difficulty in defeating him is the amount of health and shield he has. He’s no Wolverine, but it still takes a large number of bullets to defeat Ruckus. Once he is defeated, he should drop a legendary weapon.

As a reward, you’ll unlock the Right Arm Beskar armor piece for the Mandalorian as shown below.

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