Fortnite Medals: Where and How to collect medals in Fortnite quickly

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Need to collect Fortnite medals quickly to complete one of the Awaken Oro challenges? We’ve got you covered.

The Fortnite Item Shop updated yesterday at 1pm UTC with a brand new skin, Oro. The skin was leaked some time ago but was left to sit. In the v12.21 Fortnite update that was released on Tuesday, 26th March.

The small update included some challenges for the Oro skin. When the Oro skins was made available in the item shop, the challenges called ‘Awaken Oro’ were also made available. There’s two rewards available from these challenges, the Greed Wrap and the Gilded Scepter Pickaxe.

One of the four challenges requires players to collect medals. In total, players need to collect 40 medals to complete the challenge and here’s the best way to complete it.

Collect 40 medals Fortnite

Some players seem to be confused with what Fortnite medals are and how to collect them. The medals aren’t to be mistaken for the XP coins that are found all around the Fortnite map. Medals are collected by completing tasks in-game such as opening a certain number of chests or eliminating a player.

Medals are easy to collect, especially in Team Rumble. You can get a medal for playing your first match of the day. You’ll also get medals for getting 4, 8 and 12 assists in Team Rumble which should be easy to collect in one match.

There’s different types of medals, all of which should count for this challenge. Here’s a list (challenge can change depending on game mode):

  • Bronze medal – eliminate 1 player, place top 10, assist 1 elimination, search 3 chests/llamas/supply drops. (medal for each task)
  • Silver medal – eliminate 4 players, place top 25, assist 4 eliminations, search 7 chests/llamas/supply drops. (medal for each task)
  • Gold medal – eliminate 8 players, place top 10, assist 8 eliminations, search 12 chests/llamas/supply drops. (medal for each task)

Other medals including landing first and catching the first fish of the game. Weapon specialist challenges will also count towards collecting medals for this challenge.

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