Fortnite Lachlan Pickaxe Frenzy Tournament: Start time, How to get Lachlan Skin & 2FA

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Lachlan Pickaxe Frenzy Tournament.

Epic Games announced the icon series earlier in the year when the Ninja Fortnite skin was revealed. However, there were skins released before the announcement including the Marshmello skin that were added to the series.

There haven’t been too many content creators that have received their very own skin with the last to get a skin being Loserfruit. Last week, Epic Games announced that Lachlan would be added to the Icon Series this month with his own cosmetic set as well as announcing that TheGrefG will be the next creator to get their own Fortnite cosmetics.

Loserfruit Fortnite Skin
Loserfruit Fortnite Skin

In the blog post announcing the Lachlan Fortnite skin, Epic also announced the Fortnite Lachlan Pickaxe Frenzy tournament. It’ll take place today and here’s everything you need to know including how to get the Lachlan skin in Fortnite, what time the pickaxe frenzy will start in your region, the rules, whether you need 2FA and more.

Fortnite Lachlan Pickaxe Frenzy Cup – What Time Does It Start?

Here are the start times for the Lachlan Pickaxe Frenzy Cup:

  • Europe – Start at 3 PM UK time, 4 PM for the rest of Europe.
  • NA East – 3 PM Eastern Time
  • NA West – 5 PM Eastern Time

Scoring System

A victory royale in Lachlan’s pickaxe Frenzy Cup will grant players with 70 points. Second place gets 56 points whilst 3rd place gets 48 points. You’ll get three points for each elimination There’s only scoring for players placing in the top 17 and is quite an unusual scoring system to what we’ve seen in previous tournaments.

Here’s the full scoring system breakdown:

scoring system pickaxe frenzy
scoring system pickaxe frenzy

How to get the Lachlan skin in Fortnite

The Lachlan Fortnite skin will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop at a later date. However, you can also get it for free in the pickaxe frenzy cup. In order to do so, you’ll need to place quite high.

To get the skin, you’ll need to place anywhere between 1st and 1,100th, however, this depends on which region you’re participating in. For Europe, you’ll need to come in the top 1,100 whilst NA West players will need to be in the top 300.

Here’s the full prize breakdown for the tournament:

How to get the Lachlan Fortnite Skin
How to get the Lachlan Fortnite Skin

For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, here’s what Lachlan’s skin looks like and what will be up for grabs in the pickaxe frenzy:

Fortnite Lachlan Skin
Fortnite Lachlan Skin

Do I need 2FA To Enter?

Yes! As with all Fortnite tournaments and cups, you’ll need to have 2FA enabled on your account to participate. Here’s a guide on how to enable it.

For those participating, good luck!

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