Fortnite Helicopter Locations Map: All Choppa Helicopters Spawn Locations

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Here’s all the locations where you can find the Fortnite helicopter Choppa around the map.

Epic Games released the v12.20 Fortnite update today which introduced a new vehicle, the Choppa Helicopter. The Helicopter was eagerly anticipated with helicopters being teased by Epic with the launch of chapter 2 season 2.

There’s a maximum of five players for the Fortnite Choppa Helicopter, one drive and four passengers. There’s no weapon for players to use whilst on the choppa helicopter which is a plus, and there’s a boost to help players get across the map quicker. Players can’t jump from the helicopter, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the health of the choppa which is 1,500.

There’s a number of locations around the Fortnite map where you can find the choppa helicopter and we’ve listed all the locations where they’ll spawn below.

Fortnite Choppa Helicopter spawn locations map

As mentioned, there’s a number of locations where you’ll find a choppa helicopter. You can find the Fortnite choppa helicopter in the locations listed below. We’ve included small maps for the locations that aren’t a named location as well as a full map at the bottom.

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  • The Shark – North west of the named location on the helipad.
  • East of Craggy Cliffs by one of the shadow safe house locations.
  • The Yacht – You’ll find a helicopter towards the west side of this named location.
  • Pleasant Park – The soccer field has opened up and there’s a helipad underneath that houses a choppa.
  • North of Holly Hedges in between Sweaty Sands is another choppa location.
  • The Agency – south side of this popular landing spot on the helipad.
  • East of Frenzy Farm by the porta potty object that transports you to a Shadow safe house.
  • The Grotto – right in the middle of the grotto as soon as you drop down into the location.
  • The Rig – you’ll find a choppa towards the east side of this recently exploded location.
  • North of Misty Meadows on the larger water island where you enter a bin to get to one of the shadow safe houses.
  • Weather Station, near the left hand side of the weather station that’s located on the left side of the larger snow mountain east south east of Misty Meadows.

Here’s a map of all the Fortnite Helicopter Choppa locations:

Fortnite All Helicopter Spawn Locations Map
Fortnite All Helicopter Spawn Locations Map

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