Fortnite Generations Cup: PlayStation Tournament What Time Does It Start/Begin (PS4 & PS5)

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Here’s when the Fortnite Generations Cup PlayStation tournament begins today.

Epic Games have been providing Fortnite players with a number of tournaments since Fortnite season 4. Players could participate in the Fortnite Marvel Knockout Series cup last season with a total of four different cups. Each cup provided players with the chance to earn free Marvel skins prior to them being released in the item shop.

The series concluded with a super cup with a prize pool of $1,000,000. Since then, we’ve seen Epic announce the Bhangra Boogie Cup, however, this was delayed and will now take place on December 20th for Android players.

Frosty Frenzy Fortnite Cup
Frosty Frenzy Fortnite Cup

We’ve also seen the Frosty Frenzy tournament that had a prize pool of 5 million dollars. The tournament was held over two days and ended last weekend. A few days later, Epic Games announced the PlayStation exclusive Fortnite tournament, the Generations Cup. Here’s everything you need to know.

Free Indigo Fortnite Skin

If you’re in Europe, you’ll need to place in the top 2,400 to get the Indigo skin. If you’re in North America East, you’ll need to place in the top 1,500 and top 600 in North America West.

Indigo Kuno Fortnite Skin
Indigo Kuno Fortnite Skin

Players that place first in each region will win a free PlayStation 5 although there’s no information whether it’ll be the digital of disc version.

When times does the Fortnite Generations Cup Start?

Here’s when the Fortnite PlayStation Generations Cup will begin in each regions timezone.

  • Europe: UK (GMT) 5PM-8PM, CET (6PM-9PM)

This is a solo tournament and is only available for PS4 and PS5 players. You’ll need to enable 2FA on your account if you haven’t already in order to participate. The free skin will be granted to eligible players once the tournament concludes.

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