Fortnite Deadpool Challenges: Where to Find Deadpool’s Katanas (back bling)

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Here’s the location of where you can find Deadpool’s Katanas for the week 4 Fortnite Deadpool challenges.

We’re already on week 4 of Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 with the week 4 Fortnite Deadpool challenges going live at 2pm UTC today. The week 4 main weekly challenges were released yesterday. Epic decided to release the Deadpool challenges on Fridays in order to slightly balance out the amount of challenges that are released.

The Fortnite Deadpool challenges can only be completed if you have the season 2 Battle Pass with the challenges available in Deadpool’s hideout which can be accessed through the vent in the agents HQ.

You’ll have until the end of the season to complete the Deadpool challenges as there’s no timer on them, but it’s best to complete them as quickly as possible in order to get the rewards as soon as they release including this weeks Deadpool’s Katanas back bling and the Deadpool skin that’ll likely be available within the next two weeks.

Deadpools Toilet Plunger

Most of the challenges are straightforward, but if you’re behind and want to complete them, we’ve listed all of our Deadpool challenge guides below:

The challenges are extremely easy to complete. The first two weeks of challenges can be completed within a couple of minutes. Last week’s challenges take slightly longer as you need to drop into a game in order to destroy three toilets.

The previous challenges have provided players with sprays which most players don’t even user, however, this week players will be able to unlock Deadpool’s Katanas back bling. The back bling was leaked by dataminers which you can check out below:

Fortnite Deadpool's Katanas Back Bling
Fortnite Deadpool’s Katanas Back Bling

Here’s week 4 Deadpool challenges along with a guide below on how and where to find Deadpool’s Katanas:

  • Find Deadpool’s katanas (2)
  • Deal damage to opponent’s structures (10000)

Find Deadpool’s Katanas Locations

If you’re wondering where you can find Deadpool’s Katanas, look no further. You’ll need to find the two Katanas separately around the Agent HQ.

You can find the first of Deadpool’s Katanas in the upgrade vault where you’ll find Maya. The upgrade vault is located on the top right hand side of the screen in the Agents HQ. When you’re in the vault, you find the first of Deadpool’s Katanas on the left of Maya by the wall of weapons near the axe.

As we’re writing this prior to the challenges going live, we don’t yet have a high quality image, but will update the article as quickly as possible when the challenges are available with a video guide and higher quality images. Some players somehow saw the Katana in the upgrade vault prior to the challenges releasing and an image was shared on social media:

Find Deadpool's Katana 1

We have no idea where to find the second Deadpool Katana, but we’ll update this as soon as possible with the location. It’s likely to be in either TNTinas’ room or in Agent Brutus’ room.

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