Fortnite Cyber Monday Deals: Frozen Legends Pack

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Epic Games have released the Fortnite Frozen Legends pack as a Cyber Monday deal.

On Black Friday, Epic Games re-released the Darkfire bundle with a large discount. The deal is listed at the bottom of the Fortnite Item shop page as a black Friday deal and is still currently available to purchase at the discounted rate. There’s no information regarding when Epic will remove the bundle and the deal.

Fortnite Darkfire Bundle
Fortnite Darkfire Bundle

There were no other discounts on Black Friday for Fortnite with many players hoping Epic would have a sale on the price of V-Bucks. However, Epic have added in a Cyber Monday deal on a pack they’ve brought back for the deal.

Frozen Legends Pack Cyber Monday Fortnite Deal

The deal for Cyber Monday is the return of the Frozen Legends pack for a discounted rate. The pack was first released in December 2018 and was most recently available in January 2020.

The price of the Frozen Legends pack is $24.99/£19.99 normally, however, for the Cyber Monday deal, Epic Games have reduced the price to £10.99. It does seem like the price is slightly different on platforms. On PC it appears to be £10.99 whilst it’s £11.99 on PlayStation with Xbox players stating it’s £12.99 for them.

Frozen Legends Fortnite Pack
Frozen Legends Fortnite Pack

You can access the deal by heading over to the Fortnite Item Shop and scrolling all the way down, You’ll find the Frozen Legends Pack on the left hand side with the “Cyber Monday Offer” tag in the top left corner.

The Frozen Legends pack comes with the following items:

  • Frozen Raven skin and Frozen Iron Cage back bling.
  • Frozen Red Knight skin and Frozen Red Shield back bling.
  • Frozen Love Ranger skin and Frozen Love Wings back bling.

There’s no information regarding how long the offer will be available with only a “limited time offer” tag on the pack. We’d suggest if you want this pack, purchase as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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