Fortnite Cow Decoys Locations: Where to place cow decoys in farms

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Here are the locations where you can find and place cow decoys in farms in Fortnite.

After the first week of Fortnite chapter 2 season 7, Epic Games have been releasing new legendary quests every Wednesday, a day before the Epic challenges are released along with the new Alien Artifact locations needed to unlock more customization for the Kymera battle pass skin.

Thanks to data-miners, we knew what the week 6 legendary challenges were ahead of time. One of the challenges requires players to place cow decoys in farms. Here’s the locations of where you can find and place cow decoys in season 7.

Place Cow Decoys in Farms In Fortnite

We’ve had a lot of challenges this season already which seem to tie in with the storyline. It seems like we’ll be getting a live event at the end of the season, and the challenges leading up to the end of the season will likely provide some hints as to what we can expect.

As you’d expect, you can place the cow decoys in farms at Hayseed’s farm. You should know the location as it’s been used for other challenges this season including a legendary challenge this week.

To complete this challenge, you’ll need to find and place a total of three cow decoys in Farms. They’re all located close to one another and there are more than ten locations where you can successfully complete this legendary quest.

We’d recommend dropping north of the gas station that’s south of Hayseed’s farm. Here’s the location:

Once you drop here, you’ll notice that there are three Fortnite cow decoys located within close distance of one another. Here’s a look at where you can find the cow decoys:

Place Cow Decoys Fortnite
Place Cow Decoys Fortnite

Thanks to Perfect Score, a YouTuber that posts guides on all the challenges, we know all of the possible Cow Decoys Fortnite map locations. Here’s the map with all the locations below:

All Fortnite Cow Decoys Locations Map
All Fortnite Cow Decoys Locations Map

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