Fortnite Boogie Before Oblivion – How to Complete the Boogie Challenge

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Here is how to complete the boogie before oblivion Week 14 Fortnite Battle Royale Challenge for Week 4 of the XP Xtravaganza Challenges.

There are new challenges being released every week in Fortnite Battle Royale and we are now in Week 14 of Chapter 2, Season 4. The past few weeks, Epic have been releasing XP Xtravaganza challenges instead of the normal challenges to help players to get as much XP as possible to level up in this seasons Battle Pass.

One of the challenges for the Week 4 XP Xtravaganza Challenges is to ‘boogie before oblivion’. This can be a confusing challenge to complete if you do not know what to do, but this article will show you exactly how to complete it.

Fortnite Challenge Boogie Before Oblivion

Oblivion means “the act or process of dying out; complete annihilation or extinction.” So in order to complete this challenge, you will need to be eliminated. There are a couple of ways in which you can complete this challenge and you will need a Boogie Bomb to complete it.

Fortnite Battle Royale Boogie Bomb

Boogie Bombs can be found pretty much anywhere, i.e in chests, floor loot, vaults, care packages, so it should be quite easy to find.

Once you have a Boogie Bomb, you will need to build a ramp high enough that once you fall off it, you will die by fall damage. Before falling to your death, you will need to use the Boogie Bomb on yourself so you are dancing and then simply walk off the ramp whilst dancing to complete the challenge.

Another way to complete the challenge will be to use a Boogie Bomb before being eliminated by an opponent. Either way will complete the challenge and you will only need to do it once to be granted the XP.

UPDATE: It appears as though you only need to dance once you land from the Battle Bus to complete the challenge, so it’s extremely easy to complete!

The season is drawing to an end so make sure you complete all of your challenges to claim all the rewards from the Battle Pass as they won’t be available after.

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