Deadpool Fortnite Challenges Week 3: Where to destroy toilets quickly

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Here’s how you can quickly destroy three toilets for the Deadpool week 3 challenges.

The Fortnite Deadpool week 3 challenges were released yesterday and as usual, there were two new challenges for players to complete. One of the challenges requires players to find Deadpool’s toilet plunger.

The other challenge requires players to destroy toilets. Upon completing the two challenges, players will be rewarded with the wade grenade spray that you can check out below:

Fortnite Wade Grenade Spray

We’ve created a quick guide on how you can quickly complete the destroy toilets Fortnite challenge. From what we’ve seen so far, guides on sites and on YouTube just tell you to drop in Retail Row and go house to house in order to destroy toilets.

There’s a much easier way where you can destroy toilets and complete the challenge within a few seconds of dropping on the map.

Destroy Toilets Fortnite

If you want to destroy toilets as quickly as possible to get the challenge out of the way, you’ll want to drop at Risky Reels.

Drop near the large house towards the east side of risky reels. You’ll see two doors towards the left hand side at the front. There’s two doors, both of which are bathrooms that have two cubicles each.

In order to complete the challenge, players can simply hit the two cubicles in one of the bathrooms and head to the other bathroom and break one cubicle.

Destroy Toilets Fortnite

When we tried this method, it didn’t state we destroyed the three toilets, but upon leaving the game, the challenge was complete and we received the wade grenade spray.

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