Day: July 7, 2021

Zyg and Choppy NPC Fortnite Locations: Where to find and dance near Zyg and Choppy in Fortnite

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Here’s where to find and dance near Zyg and Choppy in Fortnite chapter 2 season 7.

Although there wasn’t a major patch update yesterday for Fortnite, we did get a hotfix which introduced some new content to the game Alien Nanites were added and Holly Hedges has some visual changes along with a name change. The new named is called Holly Hatchery and you’ll need to visit the location for one of the week 5 legendary quests.

We also have two new NPC characters on the Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 map, Zyg and Choppy. They were mentioned in the patch notes. They’re wandering the island playing parasite eggs. They will drop their special ray gun if you eliminate them which is a more powerful version than the standard Kymera one.

Alien Nanites Fortnite
Alien Nanites Fortnite

One of the new legendary quests require players to dance near Zyg and Choppy. Here are their map locations where you’ll find them.

Fortnite Zyg & Choppy Map Locations

If you’ve been trying to get your hands on the special ray gun that Zyg and Choppy drop, you’ll already know the location where you’ll find them both. However, for those of you that don’t know, you can find Zyg and Choppy on the south side of the map at Hydro 16.

They’re in the large factory and you’ll usually find them on the bottom floor of the building. Here’s the location marked on the map:

Zyg and Choppy Fortnite Map Location
Zyg and Choppy Fortnite Map Location

It should be easy to complete this challenge because they’re not aggressive. You just need to remember to dance near them in order to get the challenge completed. You’ll also need to be aware of other players that drop at the location in order to complete the challenge.

We’d recommend trying to get a weapon before dancing near the new NPC in case other players drop with you from the Battle Bus.

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New Fortnite Update Today: Holly Hatchery – July 6th 2021 Patch Notes

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We have a new Fortnite content update today, July 6th 2021. Here is what’s new.

The last major Fortnite update was released two weeks ago today, v17.10. The update was the first time in chapter 2 that Epic Games have released official patch notes for a major patch update.

The update introduced abductors that give players a way to get onto the mothership and discover locations that have been removed from the main map in previous seasons including a building from the chapter 1 Lucky Landing named location.

Abductors Fortnite
Abductors Fortnite

Alien Parasites were also added to the game and major bugs were fixed including players taking damage through cars while in motion, an issue preventing players from completing the character collection book, and an issue with loot pools in Battle Labs.

Epic Games employees have been off on a summer vacation which means there won’t be a new major Fortnite update until next week when the LeBron James Fortnite skin is expected to be added to the files. However, it looks like we have a content update today.

July 6th New Fortnite Update

Today’s hotfix update brings Alien Nanites to the game. Throw down Alien Nanites to create a low-gravity biome that you can freely enter and exit as you wish. They also have a purpose similar to nuts and bolts as they can be used to craft new items.

Alien Nanites Fortnite
Alien Nanites Fortnite

You can combine Alien Nanites with a rare submachine gun in order to create a Kymera Ray gun. You can also create a pulse rifle and a rail gun. You can find Alien Nanites on the ground, in the mothership, or on top of abductors.

Holly Hedges is now Holly Hatchery

Alien biomes are taking over Holly Hedges. New flora is sprouting and the location is now called Holly Hatchery.

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Alien Nanites Fortnite Location: Where to find Alien Nanites Spawn Locations

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A new update introduced a brand new item in Fortnite, Alien Nanites. Here’s the Alien Nanites Fortnite locations, what they do and more.

At the start of every new season of Fortnite, Epic Games change up the loot pool by introducing new items and weapons alongside vaulting and unvaulting items. In recent seasons, we haven’t had as many mythic items available.

In season 4, there were several Marvel-themed mythic items which changed up the meta and how you’d approach a game of Fortnite. However, this season we currently have two mythic items and last season there was only one mythic item available at one time.

Alien Nanites Fortnite
Alien Nanites Fortnite

With the new update today, Epic have introduced a new mythic item alongside a brand new item that was leaked by data-miners some time ago, Alien Nanites. Here’s everything you need to know about Alien Nanites including where to find them on the Fortnite season 7 map.

Fortnite Alien Nanites Spawn Locations

There are no exact locations where you can find Alien Nanities in Fortnite chapter 2 season 7. However, you can find Alien Nanites has floor loot, on abductors and on the mothership. There are currently no other Alien Nanites Fortnite locations.

The best chance of finding nanites is on the mothership or on top of abductors as it appears as though the spawn rate for them as ground loot isn’t high. However, there’s an issue with them not spawning in game correctly and it’s likely Epic are working on a fix as we speak. We’ll update this when the issue has been addressed by Epic.

Alien Nanites Fortnite Locations
Alien Nanites Fortnite Locations

What do Alien Nanites do in Fortnite?

Alien Nanites spawn a biome where there’s low-gravity. You can exit and enter this zone as you please and it’ll appear as a purple blue shield. They can also be used to craft items including the Kymera Ray Gun, the Pulse Rifle, and the Rail Gun.

Here’s what Fortnite Alien Nanites look like when used in-game:

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